White Bodies by Jane Robins

Hello again, readers! I know I have been absent from my blog for a few weeks now, and I am deeply sorry for that (if any of you actually care or noticed I hadn’t been posting). I have tons of excuses that I won’t go into, but if you also follow me on Instagram, then you already know what they are anyway. 🙂

I have several books that I have read in recent weeks that I need to review. I don’t know that I will go back to review ALL of them, but there are a few that I definitely want to highlight.

First up is White Bodies by Jane Robins. Special thanks to my sweet friend Megan who sent me her copy of this book, since I was dying to read it and on a book buying ban for the entire month of October. For some reason, I was in a bit of a reading slump throughout October. All the books I started reading were good books, but I just couldn’t lose myself in them, like I usually do. I finally decided that the reason was because October is just meant for creepy reads, and none of the books I was reading were creepy.

Enter White Bodies.

White Bodies is the story of two sisters, Callie and Tilda. Callie has lived her entire life in Tilda’s shadow. Tilda is the beautiful one, while Callie is plain. Tilda has always excelled at everything she has done, while Callie has never garnered attention for anything. Tilda is an actress who, although she has not worked for some time, is recognized on the streets, while Callie works in a bookshop and rarely goes out. When Tilda falls in love with a man named Felix and withdraws into herself and her relationship with him more and more, Callie begins to suspect that Felix is abusing Tilda. When she immerses herself into an online group for family and friends of abuse victims, this book begins taking an even stranger turn, and Callie becomes obsessed with “saving” Tilda.

There were elements of this book that I definitely enjoyed. Not only did it meet my need for a creepy read, it actually exceeded them to the point of being incredibly unsettling. The entire book is told from Callie’s perspective, and she is not necessarily likable narrator. However, the peek inside her mind is fascinating, and readers learn very quickly that Callie has some deeply disturbing psychological issues and question which of the two sisters truly needs saving. The fact that she is not likable made her all the more appealing to me, and the horrible decisions she makes throughout the book create a feeling of tension that follows readers from start to finish. Another thing I enjoyed about the book was the fast pace that kicks in from around the middle of the book until the finish. Although the first half of the book felt like it dragged a bit, from the middle on, I had a hard time putting it down, even though I didn’t necessarily love the writing or the plot itself. Once I got accustomed to the characters and realized that Callie didn’t really have any redeeming qualities that were going to jump out of the pages at me, I was able to settle in and just read along to find out what would happen.


I didn’t love this book. The conversations between the characters felt very forced and borderline cheesy, and the plot itself just felt wrong, and not in a fun, creepy way but the kind of way that made me feel very “meh” about the book the entire time. This was one of those strange books that I felt very apathetic about and never could figure out exactly why. I’m fine with characters not being likable, but I also still expect to be able to connect to them and become invested in their story. I never really felt that way about Callie or Tilda.

There is one other issue that I had with the book that I can’t reveal without any spoilers, so, here’s your warning…SPOILER AHEAD!!!!

Are you ready?

You still have time to skip it!

No? Okay…

I hated that Felix’s issues with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder were twisted into a key plot point of this book that made readers believe he was possessive and abusive. I understand that Tilda is responsible for twisting his OCD in order to appear that way, but I still feel like it was an irresponsible thing for the author to do. As someone who battles depression daily, I do tend to be very touchy about how mental illness is handled in the books I read, and in this case, I feel that it was handled very poorly.


Spoilers over!

You can read my review again now!


Overall, this book was just….okay. I didn’t necessarily hate it, but I don’t know that I necessarily LIKED it either.

And with that, I’M BACK! Look for more posts in the coming days!



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